Thursday, April 21, 2011

Snack Taxis

I can't sleep so I figured I'd do a follow-up post on the fabric snack bags I mentioned earlier.

Last week my new Snack Taxis arrived - no word on where my ReSnackIts from Zulily are.  According to my order history status they still have not shipped.  I hope I get them before the school year is over. . .

But back to the Snack Taxis (which arrived really quickly so are already ahead in my book) we have been breaking in since the weekend.

They are much stiffer than the one I already had from back when they were called Happy Sacks.  This is either because they have improved the product or, more likely, because they haven't been washed yet.  I'm digging the stiffer body and hope they don't get too soft with the first wash.

The folks at Snack Taxis make them available in a zillion designs but as you already know my credit cards are impervious to retail prices so naturally I picked from the ones that were on sale.  The sushi one is my favorite (Juju likes it too) and I wish I had also ordered it in red (sadly they are out of them now).

There is really no comparison with ziploc bags when it comes to the cute factor.  Plus, I love that when I hand Juju her snack bag she has no idea what's in it until she opens it up.  She seems to really enjoy the surprise each time (although lately, it's almost always granola).  I do too.

UPDATE: I just noticed on the Snack Taxi website that they are having an earth day sale and you can take 20% off your order (but not on sale merch) through April 22 with coupon code "earthday2011").  This could be your chance to try ditching ziplocs for a day.  Happy shopping!

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