Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pink Eye Picnic - faux sushi salmon cream cheese rolls

Today's lunch plans were thwarted by the fact that Juju is suffering from pink eye and won't be going to school today.  I had planned a lunch of an artichoke heart and faux-sushi salmon cream cheese rolls but instead I made the rolls for breakfast and will have to improvise a new lunch around the artichoke.

Yesterday's trial run of a salmon roll-up was a small disaster.  All of the salmon was eaten but as I suspected, Juju ripped apart the entire thing and it was a horrible mess.  I had higher hopes today as I cut the salmon wrap in thin pieces like sushi.  It looked like this:

But this clever design didn't fool her.  She sat down and proceeded to unroll each roll picking out the salmon and moving on.  It was however much easier to clean up this way so I still might consider sending a lunch like this to school in the future.

I used a whole wheat and corn tortilla, whipped cream cheese and two pieces of lox.  She wasn't as hungry today as she was yesterday so some of the rolls remained and might show up again at lunch.

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