Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The big reveal

The hardest part about packing a lunch is dealing with the threat of rejection.  You spend a lot of time thinking and preparing and cooking and arranging but at the end of the day, your kid can open up her lunchbox, take one look at your masterpiece and give it a big "Kthxbye" as she picks at two bites before scooting off onto the playground. 

The big reveal comes when you're back at home and you go through the lunchbox to clean it out (I thought potty training meant I no longer had to clean gross stuff out of reusable containers - I was wrong) and you get to see what your kid actually ate. 

It seems Juju gave today's lunch a B+.  She ate all of the fruit, most of the carrots, half of the hummus and half of the pasta salad.  Maybe this just means my portions are too big; I am still trying to figure out how much food to give her.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, when we go out she stuffs herself silly but at school she consumes much less.  She is probably more social at lunch with her friends or perhaps she just wants to get to playtime faster.  She did ask to go to CCC today but I politely declined and she seemed to take no for an answer.

I'm working on ideas for lunch on Thursday.  Considering Juju's love for salmon, particulary raw or cured, I was inspired by this Weelicious recipe for salmon cream cheese bites.  We'll see.


  1. This lunch seems smaller than the March 31 lunch (including the yogurt and granola). I was surprised that JuJu was able to eat so much of that lunch. Maybe she just wasn't hungry today. Or maybe we she was saving herself for CCC.

  2. I think the photo doesn't really show the lunch's size accurately.

    But yes, it is smaller. And yes, I think she did think this was a "snack" before CCC.