Thursday, May 5, 2011

The King of All Media Contributes

I often call my husband the "King of All Media."  It's not because he reminds me of Howard Stern (thank goodness) but it's because he consumes an INSANE amount of print media.  Sometimes I think he is single-handedly keeping the magazine publishing industry alive.  He reads everything from the Wall Street Journal to the New Yorker to Wired to US Magazine*, to about 7 or 8 other daily or weekly publications. 

The King of All Media takes the subway to work, (no, you did not misread that, we live in LA and he takes the subway to work).  That, combined with a short bus ride and waiting time between both, gives him a considerable advantage over driving commuters or work-at-homers struggling to stay hip to what's going on in the world.

This is all to say that since I started this blog he is constantly bombarding me with articles of interest around packing a lunch for work or school.  I keep meaning to post them all here but I keep losing them and my scanner has been broken for months.  Alas the very thing that is killing print media, the Internet, allowed me to find two of the pieces he pulled for me.  One is a Wall Street Journal article about executives bringing their lunches to work in style: "The New Power Lunch: Strategies for Brown-Bagging at Your Desk, With Executive Image Intact."

The other was in the "Best Bets New Stuff" section of New York Magazine last week.  It's a cute little Bento Box available at Dean and DeLuca.

Stay turned for more contributions from the KOAM.

***I hope he is not mad that I outed him as an US reader - it's simply because I have a fashion business and we need to make sure we keep up with trends and also need to see if any celebrities are wearing our stuff ;)


  1. The King is OK with your announcement to the world. How else would I have been able to alert you of January Jones' pregnancy (no, no, it's not Jason Sudeikis', we don't think...)

  2. Dude I wish I still had a subscription to US weekly. I really miss it.