Friday, May 20, 2011

Everyone else's lunch

Today's lunch is almost identical to yesterday's lunch so I'm not going to repost it.

Instead, I wanted to highlight two things that were sent my way by some of you reading this blog (did I mention that it's really great hearing from you?!).

The first comes from my friend/former supervisor Robin in New York.  I don't think I've seen Robin in about 8 years or so but I absolutely love her Facebook status updates.  She is an incredibly talented observer and writer.  I often want to copy and paste her updates as my own to impress everyone I know but instead I just study her form and hope to create such brilliance myself.

Robin sent me a photo of a breakfast she made for her sons using these cute egg molds.  I think the result is fantastic (I also love her photography). 

Apparently only one son appreciated the breakfast fun (he got the star-shaped egg).  As for the heart shaped one, Robin explained "this valentine is headed to the doggie bowl:"

Too bad.  It looks both adorable and delicious!  Robin has inspired me to get more creative with breakfast.  Today's cereal and yogurt was pretty ordinary.

Another submission I received recently came from my friend Caroline who is also a former co-worker.  Caroline has four boys all under the age of four.  I am surprised she has any time to email, let alone write the best blog about Maternity Fashion you'll ever read.  But she did find the time to send me a photo of three of the 30 lunches (!!!) and snacks she packs a week.  Next fall that number will go up to 35 when her youngest son starts nursery school.  I feel the need to take a nap upon reading that, I can't imagine actually executing it.

Lastly, I wanted to respond to two comments I got asking questions about using snack bags.  Bren asked if any of the snack bags are insulated.  None of mine are but that is a really cool idea (no pun intended) to keep your sammies cold.  I just use a larger ice pack in the lunch to keep it cool.  And Bloom asked if the bags are hard to clean.  I don't find that they are, depending on what you use them for.  I usually turn each one inside out and wipe it clean with a cloth or paper towel.  If something particularly messy or wet went in them I will wash them in the washing machine but that's hardly ever necessary.  And if something like crackers went in one, you could probably just turn it inside out, shake out the crumbs and not need to clean it, it's up to you.  I don't find them particularly burdensome to clean but no, they do not match the ease of throwing them in the trash and grabbing a new one for the next time of plastic baggies.

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