Monday, January 2, 2012

Yes I still pack lunches

I saw my friend Julia today who inquired about whether I had given up on packing lunches.  My lunch packing has not stopped (I'm still too cheap and too much of a food snob to sign up for the hot lunch program!); I just took a little break from blogging about it.  I actually took photos of about a dozen lunches I packed and dinners I made over the last few months but never found the time to blog them.  My apologies to those who missed me.  I don't really make New Years resolutions but this year I "hope" to spend less, eat less, move more, and give more.  Maybe following those ideals will result in some new and interesting lunches.  Or maybe I'll just keep packing avocados and brown rice.  Stay tuned.

I continue to use and LOVE the Planet Box and I'm told I have convinced a few parents out there to purchase them.  FYI, I don't receive any sort of monetary compensation if you buy anything I recommend on here (though that would be nice!).  I try to use the Planet Box everyday (which means I have to clean it every night - slightly annoying).

Tomorrow's lunch includes: an avocado (natch), grapes, orange slices from an orange given to us by the Julia referenced above (thanks Julia!), leftover chicken cutlet with marinara dipping sauce, and corn and edamame from a Trader Joe's frozen vegetable blend called Soycatash.  I also included a few chocolate covered raisins since the kids who ordered hot lunch will get a dessert in their lunch tomorrow:

Happy New Year everyone!!

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