Tuesday, June 28, 2011

They Draw and Cook (and they look good doing it)

My favorite thing about cookbooks is the photos.  Someone sent me a new cookbook the other day with a dearth of illustrative photos and I have to say, the book was immediately unappealing.  How can I get a feel for how the dishes will end up once complete if I am not given a single visual example?

When my former co-worker Bobby mentioned a project he's involved with I was struck by how narrow-minded I was about needing visual imagery to go along with my recipes.  I always expect a pretty photograph of the completed dish but Bobby and the people behind They Draw and Cook, (a fantastic website with a book coming out soon), showed me there are zillions of ways to illustrate a recipe beyond a standard styled food photo.

They Draw and Cook is a collection of recipes illustrated by artists around the world and it's just as much fun to look at the recipes as I imagine it is to make them.  I would love to have a whole bunch of these hanging around my kitchen.   Here are a few examples of what they have collected.  Go to their website to check out even more recipes conveniently sorted by type.  Poke around and you'll see they have a few other projects that are equally visually appealing.  Very cool stuff!

Pea Soup

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  1. Thanks for the super sweet post Jamie! You know we're big fans of yours and we're super honored by your nice words :-)