Thursday, June 9, 2011

The lunchbag for little ladies who lunch

The other day I wrote about a practical yet expensive lunch box I'm currently obsessed with.  Today I found a more modestly priced yet completely impractical lunch bag I'd love for the lunchbox fairy to bring me as well.  How cute is this?:

The Gap just put this rose lunchbag on sale for $19.95 and I am in love.  I am not usually into such displays of super girly-ness but I find this to be a totally appropriate use of over the top pink and frill.  Or maybe it's just that I appreciate its nod to the gorgeous Valentino petale totes I aspire to one day own (lunchbox fairy, do you have any connections with the purse gods?). 

It also reminds me of the clutch Vanessa Bryant carried at the 2003 Teen Choice Awards when she was first sporting the $4 million, 8 carat "apology" from her cheating husband.

 Do you think the lunchbox fairy has me on her blogreader?  Fingers crossed she does!

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