Thursday, June 30, 2011


Some exciting things are going on for Milkstars which means I'm at my desk on the phone a lot this week.  During lulls in conversation or while I'm waiting for a call, I procrastinate by looking at eye candy on the web.

I found the following photos today which are inspiration for lunches to come.  We still have another week until school/camp starts (these will probably be the longest three weeks of my life as my babysitter is on vacation and it's just me all day trying to be a mom and an entrepreneur) so I'll see if I can come up with anything creative for my first lunch of the summer.

I know I have talked a lot about egg molds but clearly there is so much more one can do with a hardboiled egg and a little creativity.  Check this out "hard boiled chick" from the Frugal Family Fun blog.  Note the awesome Planet Box lunchbox they are using:

This next photo is more of an abstract piece but it looks super delicious and reminds me I have a long way to go before I exhaust all sandwich options.  I saw the photo here but some cursory searching reveals the photo was taken by what appears to be a very talented photographer named Charles Schiller.  A warning, the photos on his website will make you really hungry (and feel inadequate as a chef!).

A mashup of design, photography, and sandwich ingredients. Mmm.
Sandwiches by Charles Schiller

I also discovered Lisa Storms' blog today and it's filled with such the most adorable edibles.  I can't wait until Juju can read and I can put cute little messages in her lunch like this one:


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