Friday, July 6, 2012

Fall into lunch

Pottery Barn Kids is out with their back-to-school line of lunch boxes and backpacks and they've gotten the picture that stainless steel is the way of the future.  Bravo PBK!

Here's what's new: In addition to keeping the Kids Konserve and PlanetBox systems in their lineup (though you're now paying $69.95 for a PlanetBox instead of last year's $59.95 pricetag!) you can now purchase and personalize a custom PBK printed lunchbag to hold your PlanetBox.  Last year you could only buy the bag in solid pink or blue.  Personally I'm loving the orange and blue robots:

Additionally, PBK has expanded the Spencer line of square shaped food containers.  Last year they only came in plastic, this year they come in plastic AND stainless steel in four sizes and still fit quite nicely in the PBK lunchboxes.  The mini one is particularly good for dips and sauces.

They added another piece to the Spencer line which I really don't understand and found to be of incredibly poor quality, not something I expect for the PBK brand.  It is billed as a Bento Box which I guess means they think your child will carry this to school in his or her backpack because it's quite large and won't fit in any of their lunchboxes.  

The top layer has three compartments and when you lift it up (not easy for this mom to do let alone a 4 year old or first grader) there is a large compartment in the bottom.  It kind of reminds me of the largest size Lunchbots container which is one I never use unless I am packing lunch for myself; it's simply too big for a kid.  My main problem with this Bento Box (outside from it's outrageous price at $48.50) is that the metal used to separate the compartments on top is of such poor quality that several of the units in the store were bent.  I assume this is from customers attempting to pull the top off to see what's down below.  The design is really poor and my guess is this item will be discontinued and on sale pretty soon.  Maybe I'll give it a try when it is!

I'm not too excited about any of the lunch bag patterns this year save for the robots.  The owls for the girls' bags are cute enough I guess (I'm kind of over owls at this point) but my favorite is the navy owls which unfortunately don't come in the Mackenzie retro bag style (the only one big enough for my lunch packing needs).  If you are a fan of animal prints you'll be happy to know they've found a way to bring giraffe and zebra stripes to lunchtime.  The matching Klean Kanteen bottles are back as well although they are still $19.50 which I find to be an obscene price for a tiny water bottle.  

I also stepped inside the Gap to check out their lunchbag in offerings.  In the past I have loved their snail lunch bag and Valentino inspired flower bag but this year it's slim pickins.  The bags are not intelligently designed and are pretty boring.   

More news from the Fall 2012 lunch lines when I see them!

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  1. The containers look great! I've been gravitating to stainless steel for storage in my own fridge rather than plastic--it just looks better to me.

    I know bento is becoming more popular and we're going to start seeing a lot of options, but you're right--that price is ridiculous for what it is. There are lots of stainless steel bento options that are very high quality if that's your thing, but the shape of that one looks cumbersome to me.