Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lunch on February 13 - pasta and proteins

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm trying to spend less this year.  But, while I'm not stocking up on lunchbox items, that doesn't mean you can't. . .especially when some great staple items go on sale.
I just noticed that my favorite hot/cold container from Pottery Barn Kids is now discounted from $16 to $7.99 and it ships free.  This is the only thermos-like container I have found that works for little kids.  Everything else on the market is really tall and meant to be poured into a bowl but toddlers can't be counted on to do that at the lunch table.  This container allows me to send soup or a hot pasta dish to school and know that she'll be able to stick her fork or spoon in and eat it like it's a regular bowl.  It works for adults as well; this way you don't have to source your own bowl if you pack yourself soup on the go.

Juju isn't really old enough to report back yet about the efficacy of the hot/cold features but even if the broth does arrive lukewarm, this is still the best way to send soup to school.

I'm not serving soup tomorrow (although the forecast calls for rain so perhaps I should be).  I packed leftover plain pasta, edamame, strawberries, avocado, a veggie medley of carrots, peas, and cucumbers, and some chocolate covered raisins for dessert.

If you have time to take further look at the Pottery Barn Kids website you'll notice they are expanding on their non-plastic lunch packing items.  They have just introduced reusable snack bags and are now offering the Kids Konserve stainless steel containers in turquoise and my absolute favorite Spencer utensil set in both turquoise and lavender.  Bravo PBK and keep it up, I'd love to see even more stainless steel and fabric options.  Lunch box fairy, take note!

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