Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lunch on March 31, 2011

Today's lunch: cucumber stars with pomegranate seeds from Trader Joe's, California roll sushi from Gelson's, sugar plum tomatoes with hard boiled egg from Trader Joe's. Not shown: honey Greek yogurt and homemade granola from Arizmendi Bakery in San Francisco courtesy of my friend Emily.

Today's lunch is very cutesy courtesy of the "Japanese Tokyo Outlet" store I visited in Little Tokyo on Tuesday. I had to go downtown for Milkstars and noticed that my marker and grader was pretty close to 2nd and San Pedro where I knew I could take a look at some bento boxes (research for a new business idea, more to come on that later). I wasn't really impressed with the bentos I found but I did succeed in purchasing some fun lunch box "enhancers" (fascinators?) like hard boiled egg molds (this one is a bunny, it also came with a teddy bear face - both for $2.49) and a set of two small cookie cutters (one in the shape of a heart, the other a star - both for $1.99).

Although we did visit the Hollywood Farmer's Market this weekend, somehow almost everything in this lunch came from Trader Joe's.



    Maybe I'll start sending stuff in the tin for JuJu's lunch! I could bake something healthy...I think.

  2. Our preschool has these standards too. A lot of them start state and federal standards - like a protein, a veg and a fruit, or two veg, or two fruit. It is hard to be so mindful all the time! Will they let you send fruit leather? This is the "sugary" snack I include - everybody needs dessert! The boys also like these Trader Joe's fruit bits (100% dried fruit, not sticky :)) We had had them in England and quickly exhausted our supply. These were as close as I could get in the US!

    I am so excited to follow this blog! Please can you include a link to the "egg enhancer"?

  3. Yes I will. However I am a little scared that she will open her lunch box today and not understand that it's an egg and be really confused. But I am hoping she'll think it's really fun to eat a bunny egg. Here's hoping.

  4. this is great, jamie! i'm getting some good ideas. does julian eat everything you put in her lunch? sophie is (dare i say) a selective eater. she'd eat everything there, but maybe just a bite or two of each. what do you do with the leftovers? save them for dinner?

  5. Hi Gina,
    Thanks for the comment!
    This is a good question. We have only started to eat lunch at school recently and she does seem to eat most of what I pack and if she doesn't, I try to incorporate the leftovers into her after-nap-snack. Sometimes with success, sometimes without. I hate wasting food so I hope she continues to eat a lot of her lunch!

  6. The cucumber pomegranate salad looks especially delicioso.

  7. How LA?! Juju eats sushi for lunch!