Thursday, March 31, 2011

The incredible, edible (and malleable) egg

I should be on my way to the gym but instead I am blogging about egg molds at the request of one of my readers.  Anything for my fans, right?

I kind of forgot egg molds existed until we accidentally bought too many eggs  a few weeks ago and thus were making a whole lot of egg salad.  I started saving some hard boiled eggs for Juju's breakfast, using a egg slicer to make the pieces more toddler friendly.  And then I remembered that eggs are pretty malleable; I once even saw a square shaped egg mold.  (Why anyone would want a square shaped egg is beyond me).

Since I was looking for ways to make lunch more fun (both to eat and to make!) I set out on an egg hunt of sorts looking for affordable egg molds.  I'm aware the term "egg mold" sounds really gross but just go with me here.  Amazon has a few options, as does Etsy, but I preferred shopping at a 100 Yen store because it was cheaper and I liked reviewing all of the options in person.  The set I purchased contained the bunny and teddy bear shown in the picture above.  I also saw molds for hearts and stars in addition to the car and fish in the photo.  Since Easter is around the corner, I bet there are other great options for deocrating hard boiled eggs.  If anyone finds any please post a link in the comments! 

I got some great ideas on how to actually make the molds from this great blog post on Just Bento.  I followed her instructions but I used Extra Large eggs the first time and the results were not so pretty.  The Large eggs are a much better fit (if only I read Japanese I would have understood this from the package).  And if you want to get really fancy, you can soak your eggs in colored water before molding them to give them a color AND a shape (but that kind of creeps me out).  Another plus to using Japanese molds like the one above is that they double as rice molds and they have a "stamp" on the back of the mold so you can use them like a cookie cutter to cut a fish for example out of a piece of cheese.  Again, writing this out in words sounds gross but they do look really cute, I promise.

I prefer the bunny mold to the teddy bear because in two attempts I could not get the egg to move far enough into the mold of the bear's ears so they weren't as cute as they should have been and were still very much egg-shaped.  Proving he is very secure in his manhood, my husband took the failed teddy bear egg attemps to work today. 

If you can't find any egg molds near you, you can still have a whole lot of fun with an egg slicer (or just a plain old knife); I used hard boiled egg slices to give eyes to my snack face gal shown in the photo to the right.

*Sadly the only egg molds I could find are made of plastic.

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