Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year New Lunch

It's been a while.  I almost forgot how to sign into this blog.  Here I am with my first lunch in ages.  I stopped blogging because I had less time to do so but also because my lunches had gotten really uninteresting.  Certainly nothing worth writing about.  Tomorrow's lunch is a little bit better than usual so here I am sharing it.

Juju will be feasting on: Fuyu persimmons.  These are simply amazing right now.  They are contrasted in color and flavor by some rather tart pomegranate seeds.  I am also serving English peas - today was the first day I found them at the Hollywood Farmer's Market since last year.  I am so excited they are back!  I also included cucumbers with purple radish.  My guess is she will ditch the radish without even trying it but they are so beautiful I had to include them.  She also has a lox and cream cheese sammie topped off with home grown chives.  So little actually grows in my garden so I will take what I can get.  The dessert in the middle is a dark chocolate square from an amazing kid-less vacation we just took in Napa.  I spent some time today making a delicious vichyssoise which I will blog about later.  It's good to be back!